Markets Finally Return to Normality (Trading Action)


After the long weekend, the markets have returned to normality…

Here are yesterday’s entries and exits.

Click to zoom in if you’re reading on a phone screen.

Watch my video breakdown of yesterday’s trades (above)…

After the spike up on the open of the session we pulled back to VWAP and I took a nice long expecting the bounce, exiting at the perfect time before the price broke below.

Like a drowning person coming up for air, I figured we were possibly just dipping before a strong break above VWAP.

So I longed again once we reclaimed VWAP but took it off for a profit when I saw other futures products breaking down, serving as my early warning sign (nice li’l tip for you).

My next target was the open at 4000 so I got a good short down to there, scaling out on the way.

We chopped around 4000 for a while until convincingly breaking below, where I shorted towards the Overnight Low.

Once out of my positions I was +$837 on the day. 🙂

Good luck today if you’re trading with me.

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