Market Revelations With Rod Casilli

Good afternoon!

Your boy’s back with another poppin’ podcast!

This week I’m back with Roderick Casilli.

He’s been trading full-time since March 2011 and he’s a real voice of reason in the trading arena.

So what do we talk about when we’ve got such a smart guy on the show?

Well… we cover the full gamut and cover a bunch of topics.

Today we’re talking about trading skills, prop firms…

And a sneaky way to profit from your trade ideas with “Options on Futures.”

The Podcast Is Available Right Now by Clicking Here

So let’s get to the meat and potatoes.

What are you gonna learn in this week’s Speculators Podcast?

  • What is the ultimate consistency key in trading?
  • The flaws in CFDs and why the CTFC is going after CFD prop firms
  • The “trickle-down” effect on the industry – why was Deel removed for payouts?
  • Why now is the best time ever to trade with Futures prop firms
  • How to be in the elite % of people who know how to size their positions (number of contracts)
  • New traders shouldn’t focus on this aspect of trading
  • What does the cycle of Rod’s trading profits look like (it’s not win, win, win)
  • Awareness of how the brain weights pain and pleasure – pertains to trading
  • Why trading gets easier as you level up – thrown in at deep end
  • Don’t make this “tourist” mistake! – Why you should trade the same time every day
  • Escaping the self-torture of overtrading
  • The one post-session ritual that almost all unprofitable traders avoid!
  • Importance of keeping good trading data
  • Why Futures Options are easier to manage than equities options
  • New charting package revealed – backtesting, trade copying and level 1 data included!

Happy Trading,

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