Market-Maker Reveals How Institutions Get Filthy-Rich


I’ve recently had Gary Norden back on the podcast.

You might remember him from before… you know… that super smart guy?

Gary’s a 30-year veteran of the game…

From the sparkling spires of “The City” as a senior investment banker…

To dodge flying elbows in the London Trading Pits as a professional market maker…

Gary’s been around the block. 😉

If you want to partake in refreshing wisdom and get top tips from an OG… this is the show for you!

Tune In for Gary’s Perspective on This Week’s Speculators Podcast

What did I talk about with Gary Norden?

Check it out:

  • When is Edge available
  • What defines longevity as a trader
  • Find the best people to execute your edge against
  • A great way to profit – reverse your mistakes
  • The big secret hedge funds don’t want retail traders to know
  • How to speed up your learning experience
  • Embracing the grind and avoiding get rich quick mentality
  • Compounding bread and butter setups
  • How to get and stay wealthy from trading
  • Utilizing patience as in intraday trader effectively
  • Do this to enjoy your days when you walk away from the charts
  • The most amazing thing about daytrading Futures
  • Entering trading “flow-state”
  • What’s really holding you back in trading
  • Controlling “the crazy chimp”
  • The power of process to ensure consistency
  • The role of luck in individual trades
  • Always ask this question as the market moves to unlock new trading setups

Gary and I covered a lot of ground in this one; be sure to listen carefully and act upon the information presented!

You can also check out Gary’s “The Norden Method” if you want to learn more about DOM trading.

Until next week!

Happy Trading,


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