Mark Levels, Make More Money

Haha man, I love what I do.

Every time I pull off a good trade I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside…

This means by the end of most days I am feeling pretty good haha.

Yesterday’s session was a prime example of the power of going into the market with high/low volume levels marked from larger timeframes.

Click on it to make it bigger 😉 Then check the video.

Video of me netting $875 yesterday from an “LVN Bounce.”

As you can see in the couple of trades above…

I am not doing anything crazy…

Not fighting the market like a drunken sailor…

I’m simply doing what the market tells me.

Each setup with the profile is technically unique…

But the principles repeat themselves ad infinitum.

Of the two types of volume nodes, LVNs are my favorite to trade because they are areas of imbalance.

Meaning the price will either shoot right through them or bounce right off.

As a professional manager of risk – on my first long trade, I exited in thirds:

  • After the trade went a point in my favor to mitigate risk.
  • Front running the LVN.
  • Passing the overnight high and dumping the rest of the position.

But then I saw something a trader who HADN’T marked this LVN WOULDN’T see…

After collecting my profits on the long we bounced cleanly off the LVN,
signaling to me that a “double dip” opportunity was at hand.

So I stuck my greedy paws back into a second long position and rode it up toward the next HVN, which served as a magnet for the price.

Your boy scaled out on the way and front-ran the HVN to complete the day up $875 after both trades.

That’s the power of being able to detect areas of imbalance while trading.

You unlock a lot of “hidden” trade ideas.

But…. You have to be able to mark these levels manually.

And some people don’t have the inclination to subscribe to a professional charting package like Sierra, monthly.

Especially if they think learning how to trade properly is “too hard for them” etc.

I get it…

This is why I launched my new Funding Accelerator course…

That gives you access to my private Balance Detector indicator for NT8…

Showing you imbalance and balance levels on multiple timeframes, automatically.

In Funding Acceleratoryou’ll learn how to use these timeframes in confluence and make great trades…

And you won’t even be risking your own capital!


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