Man Mistakenly Makes $3150不


Got a tale of victory with my newest client, Ian.

He’s starting out trading Micro ES contracts ($5 a point)

Using his cash account with AMP Futures on Sierra Chart software.

And he’s had a really good first week using what he’s learned.

Let me show you his trades from last Wed through Fri:

Considering Ian is brand new

He is crushing it.

I love how he marks up his charts for review at the end of the day.

He is going to improve FAST by noticing all the little things to improve.

The funny thing on Friday was that he made a mistake.

Actually a BIG MISTAKE!

He 10x-ed his position size.

But it resulted in him making 10x as much profit as he should have.

So I guess we can let this one slide.

Ian used a hotkey to enter his trade while his mouse was over his Depth of Market showing the ES Mini contract ($50 a point).

He didn’t know at the time what was happening and has since fixed this by disabling autotrading from his DOM.

Using what he’s learned inside the Profile Method

He bagged 63 points on that trade – for a total of $3150.

So why do I tell you all this?

Because trading is a journey to self-mastery.

There are so many unknown unknowns

What software to use how to get setup how to connect data how to trade a system with an edge how to master your emotions little tech mistakes to avoid so you don’t trip yourself up.

To really be in with a fighting chance of making it into the top 5-10% of traders, you probably need a mentor.

That’s where I come in.

Every week, you can trade with me live, ask me questions, and steal my trading edge.

Cutting 4-5 years off your learning curve.

If you’re interested in learning more, just book a call with Team Tradacc today.

They’ll fill in the missing pieces.

And if you want to figure things out by yourself…

Then, best of luck (skill?) if you’re on the charts today.

Happy Trading

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