Korbs’ Mobile Tech Setup 2024

Hey buddy!

It’s your boy.

A lil while back I was in Cape Town and I shot another Trading Setup video for 2024.

Trading isn’t a job per se – it’s a one-man business.

With trading, the income opportunity is unlimited, unlike a capped job opportunity…

But… we do need to show up to the charts to make that sweet moolah!

So, how do I do it while fitting everything in my life into a carry-on bag?

Check out my 2024 Traveling + Trading Mobile Setup

Key points:

  • The quality of life improvement that brings music to my ears
  • How I streamline my Dell XPS like a tablet
  • The foldable stand that’s good for my eyes and breathing
  • This sticky little thing that helps me organize my electronics
  • The one piece of tablewear I can’t ever be without
  • This special little gum I like (warning: addictive properties)
  • My favorite e-reader

That’s all for today.

Check out the video and leave some love with a comment.

Your boy,


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