Jerremy Newsome Speculators Podcast

Hey there!

You ready for some good vibes??

Some feel good energy?

Well I got just the thing for you…

Today’s interview with Jerremy Newsome was positively delightful.

Feast your eyes on our fresh Speculators Podcast, straight out of the oven

As a day trading specialist in Tesla, Jerremy and I had a great discussion about what makes a trader tick…

How do you get to that place of consistency?

What’s the actual pathway?

What we talked about:

  • How much % of his account he risks per trade
  • His win Rate + Average Winning Size
  • What exactly is an edge?
  • What’s a “peace room” for the greatest pre market preparation?
  • The difference between Jerremy’s entries and exits
  • What indicators he uses for super-fast pre market prep
  • The power of lunchtime exercise
  • The one thing Jerremy does at the end of every trading day
  • His annual profit target
  • Why knowing the times you trade helps you
  • The one weekday he doesn’t trade
  • Abundance mindset + positivity
  • Rules for not being impulsive in your trading plan
  • Why if you want healing you should become a trader
  • The three best + cheap healing activities

It’s like Jerremy says “learn your rules like an engineer and break them like an artist.”

You’ll get a lot out of this one, trust me.

In the meantime…

Happy Trading,

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