Insanity in the Markets Continues

Man, I’ve been trading the ES for a good number of years now.

But it’s never been THIS strange or unpredictable.

Of course as traders we love volatility.

But I admit most of the time I am a bit lost these days.

However, your boy knows what to do…

I still profited 1k yesterday because I didn’t allow a crazy market to force me into crazy trades!

See the short I took for $975 on ES here.

Back to the lesson:

Sometimes the market is in “easy mode”…

Sometimes the market is in “hard mode.”

The key is staying in the game:

Maintaining your capital and sitting out when you have no edge,

and waiting for your shots until the good times roll back around.

Very happy with my 1k win today given these conditions.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

In terms of having a long-term vision and planning to improve your skills at hyper-speed in this bear market…

Before unleashing them for fun and profit in the new bull market… arriving pretty soon…

Your highest ROI first step would be having a real-quick chat with us about our services:

Which one would best help you on your journey?

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Your boy,

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