Inflation Data Hits!


Today was the day the market had been waiting for.

At 8:30am Eastern CPI data came out and sent the market soaring…

There was no need to gamble on the news, though, because the market provides unlimited opportunities…

After the open at 9:30, I saw a big collision zone on my heatmap!

This told me that if the price hit there again it could drop, fast!

So, I got in for a quick short as my first trade idea.

Trading profitably is simply a matter of waiting for your setups to form…

As we retraced the news pump I had few clear opportunities to take some more shorts and bag myself $1600 on the day.

Today’s DPS: Trading With Intention After CPI

This can be your reality too, where you wake up, spend a couple of hours on the screens, take your profit and then go about your day.

If you want to know more…

Give us a call.

Happy trading,

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