Increasing Your Trading Profits With Akil Stokes


Today I’ve got a good-energy podcast for you with Akil Stokes.

Mr Stokes is a price action trader who trades 9 back-tested forex pairs.

Watch Akil Stokes + Korbs Speculators Podcast Here

We talked about what it takes to be competitive in the markets and what keeps him in tip-top condition.

Points of interest included:

• Why he stopped micromanaging trades and now holds for 2 hours to 2 days
• The effect of a good night’s sleep on performance
• The dangerous side effect of increased caffeine intake as a trader
• How to position size so you never need to skip a trade on another pair
• Pre-Market psychological checklist
• Tuning the “machine” of your body – Do this simple test to find out which foods power you up
• The pros of weekend chart preparation for the week ahead
• Why the best traders have a real interest in the markets and a hunger to compete
• How to stack wins: Build your passion for trading through this one metric (not PnL)
• Reason Akil loves the Dollar/Yen pair 🙂
• Akil’s favorite Indicator
• Why auction market theory improves your trade execution
• Quickest way to increase your profitability (involves your TPs and SLs)
• Thoughts on AI vs human traders! 😱
• What makes a good prop firm?

A great podcast with Akil, the time flew by… what a great guy.

Enjoy the podcast. Hope you had a good week in the markets!

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