I’m very happy with the program

Hey Man!

Hope everything is good with you.

Just wanted to share a couple of recent Trustpilot reviews with you:

As Robert highlights…

It’s important when learning something new that you actually like the teacher!

It might sound obvious…

But you would be surprised how many students come to me after trying other courses…

Where the old teacher didn’t really explain what they needed to do!

That sounds frustrating!

Geovanni also points out that as part of Tradacc, he’s no longer alone on his journey…

…Sitting in a darkened room by himself, wondering if he will ever make it.

He’s surrounded by other traders posting their results…

And has access to ask me any questions live on Zoom.

We’re nearly halfway through 2024, and I recently reshuffled my coaching options…

If you’re considering becoming a full-time trader and know you need some support…

Book yourself into the right place.

And if you’re brand-brand-new, check out my Masterclass:

Click Here to Find Out More About The Volume Profile Formula

…To learn more about how the profile can help your trading.

Happy Trading,


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