I’m Annoyed… Even Though I Made Profit


A bit of a steamer for me today.

Even though I ended up $450 in the AM session the price action was a bit wackado…

I got a nice long, joining the pump we had on market open.

Also took a couple of shorts off the VWAP…

(Tune in to the Daily Profile Show for full trade breakdown)

But we just weren’t breaking below the open and traded sideways for a while.

Eventually I took a third short just before the market moved above the open and stopped me out before going lower.

Which kind of p*ssed me off!

Taking a little break from the screens and will be back on in the afternoon.

Happy Trading,

P.S. One of my key edges in the market is superior risk management.

On my winning trades not only do I make more that my losers but typically my position size is larger on my winners.

Usually my losing trades are small positions I wasn’t super super confident in – like this morning.

That’s why even if I take a loss, it’s controlled…

I may be annoyed, but I’m saved by my risk model and that results in consistent profitability.

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So you can get funded and become a profitable trader, without risking any of your own live capital.

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