If You Focus on This One Thing, Your Trading Results Will Quadruple Overnight


Time for a little prop-firm lesson:

I see a lot of traders griping about MES commissions being high vs ES commissions for the same position size.

Well… that’s how it should be.

They say “aha, I’ll use full size contracts and then they won’t take as much commission!”

I get the mindset, it’s a desire to get a discount for buying in bulk.



The Futures market isn’t a supermarket.

That logic doesn’t apply here…

Unless your supermarket is filled with assassins waiting for you in every shopping aisle.

That choice to bump up your contract size to “save on coms” means you’re willing to increase your risk past the threshold you set in your trading plan (do you have a trading plan?)…

Which means you’re thinking emotionally…

And that’s the opposite of how a consistent trader thinks.

Maybe it’s true that prop firms have expensive micro contracts relative to their mini contracts…

They set some bait for you to trade full-sized contracts when you’re not ready.

Are you going to take the bait…

Or focus on execution…?

A consistent trader analyzes the battlefield and takes in all the information to avoid missing the forest for the trees.

Some evaluations take at least 15 days to pass so why would you try to pass in 7 days to “save some commission” by risking blowing the challenge?

If you were consistent in your trading method you wouldn’t mind paying extra commission…

Because your focus would be on executing high-quality trades…

Using the least amount of risk possible until the evaluation is complete.

Happy Trading…
And stick to your Micros! 😉

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