I Was Assaulted By An Angry Man


Time for Trade Review Thursday!

Usually, I’m posting a winner from my community but I got an email from an angry man saying that not all trades win.

Well… that’s true.

In the interest of balancing things out, I wanna show you a trading day I had a week ago – the first day of November.

This is an unlisted video that typically only my inner circle sees.

Check out the secret video here.

At the end of every session, I show how I felt the day went etc.

Now… in this session, I took on a bit of heat.

But once that had happened there was a logical reason to stay in the trade so the loss could be mitigated.

Not turning a losing day into a winner, just keeping calm and doing damage control.

I ended that day down $400.

The context though is that I’d made $5,400 the day before.

So yeah, it stung a little.

But your boy will be OK.

We’re not trying to be super-geniuses who never lose.

We’re trying to extract money from the markets, which is a game of probabilities over the long run,

Til next time.

Happy Trading,

PSIf you’re struggling with your trading and you want my help, you know where to find me.

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