I Guess the Russell Is My Favorite Now


Another crazy day on the S&P!

We opened up with back-to-back directional moves.

This non-stop action is quite unusual for the S&P.

Usually, there are quite a few rotations…

We don’t just go straight down

Then straight up

This is almost untradable!!


We have the Profile Method.

The Method works on any Futures Product so it doesn’t matter if I’m having trouble finding setups on the S&P.

Hopping over to the Russell and Crude Oil today I got on board a couple of easier-to-spot moves…

Ending up +$1140 on the day.

Trading is a game of eliminating difficult decisions and by switching products I regained my edge on the market.

If you want to become a full-time trader with a skill for life…

Grab your free coaching call. 🙂

Happy Trading,

P.S. See how I handled the Russell (today’s Daily Profile Show).

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