I Grilled John Grady On Orderflow


Today I had the pleasure of a follow-up podcast with John Grady from “No BS Day Trading.”

Calling in from LA, John and I examined the common pitfalls new traders make…

And the best ways to incorporate order flow into your trading.

So you can profit from what the market-makers are doing every day!

Acess This Week’s Speculators Podcast (Korbs + John Grady)

Here’s what you’ll learn from the show:

  • How big firms utilize what’s happening across all markets
  • Why learning using order flow will increase your win rate
  • How extravagant expectations can cost you!
  • Unlock profitability by escaping the “video game” mentality
  • How long it takes to gain pattern recognition in orderflow
  • Which events to be aware of to avoid getting stuck in your trade / the dangers of holding a trade on a “thin book”
  • The four kinds of order flow days you can expect
  • Volume correlations between ES and these big stocks
  • How market makers influence the Futures markets to spike stock prices!
  • John’s favorite scalp setup
  • Different volume node types and use cases
  • Smoothen your trading journey by removing “crushing loss days”
  • The butterfly effect, how past mistakes can creep up if not corrected
  • Making your trades Game theory optimal
  • Learning vs understanding – losses happen, how to accept this

Another great podcast with John, you can tell he lives and breathes this stuff.

Some important lessons to take away in there… after all:

“It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep.”

Grab a drink and enjoy the show, .

Happy Trading!

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