I Got Interviewed

Hey, it’s my favorite!

How was your first week of 2024?

I hope you’ve started things on the right track.

Speaking of making changes…

I was interviewed by Ian Blanke recently.

We talked about how I got started in trading.

His podcast is called Behind the Screens…

Where we talk about our love for this life we chose.

Listen to my interview with the Director of Brokerage Services at Edge Clear

On the podcast, I had a little thought…

It was nice for your boy to be the interviewee for once 😉

Here’s what we covered:

  • My history in Arkansas – growing up/ washing trucks
  • How Tony Robbins inspired me to come into the markets
  • Most traders’ biggest frustration
  • How to formulate trade ideas correctly
  • Automation vs Discretion
  • Why Ian went more mechanical
  • The power of “sleep hygiene”
  • Which countries I enjoyed visiting in 2023
  • When to push your profits and when to back off for the day
  • Finding your emotional patterns to improve over time
  • Trade Entries vs Trade Ideas
  • Ian’s blow-up story
  • My scaling-out strategy
  • Mastering Emotions in trading

I had a good time, and it’s quick listen.

Happy Trading!

Until next time,

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