Hypnotize Yourself to Success With Trading Fat Cat


We’ve got an eccentric interview for you today!

I sat down with the debonair “Fat Cat.”

Mr Cat has a very unique way of using the profile with 30-second and even 3-second charts!

That’s a new one for me…

Tune into the Fat Cat Speculators Podcast Here

Podcast Highlights include:

  • How to utilize ES, NQ + RTY DOM and Order flow effectively
  • Best times to trade based on the VIX
  • Optimum number of trades per day for a scalper
  • Fat Cat’s ratio of mechanical edge vs subjective edge
  • How can meditation and visualizing perfect execution improve performance
  • Self hypnosis secrets – do this while falling asleep to elimate trading mistakes!
  • Cat’s 3 favorite early morning kick-starters to get the edge
  • When to trade and for how long (for Fat Cat it’s actually after the open)
  • Your post-market review isn’t finished until you can answer this burning question
  • The one way to really know if you will succeed in trading
  • Why Fat Cat prefers bar charts over candlesticks
  • Two things you absolutely need to love doing in trading to escape the casino mentality

It was a fascinating discussion…

I particularly liked Cat’s NBA player paradigm at the end…

So make sure to watch the show through to the very end!


Happy Trading,

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