How to Trade News if You’re Scared of Trading Through News

Hey Happy Tuesday,

Today was a quick one for me, I had a micro composite profile showing an LVN in the 3990s we could bounce from with targets of 4010, 4020, and even the 4030s.

I went down to Micro Contracts though because of news adding some volatility into the mix.

As you know, your boy is all about risk management!

With 6 micros (and getting stopped out once but getting back in quickly), I managed to target the 4010 and cut the trade short just in front because we were struggling to go higher.

Coming at you from my new Airbnb in Colombia, the new Daily Profile Show – where I locked in $210 of profit this morning!

There is no point trying to get one more tick out of a trade if there are any signs of slowing down.

Safer to lock in the 10 points or so.

Happy trading,

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