How to Surf Market Moves and Catch the Profit Wave

Happy Monday ,

We opened up at 4161 so I had a slight long bias since Friday’s POC was a bit higher.

We couldn’t break down past the open, but held in a contracted range.

I tried three times to ride price into the 4170s but the market stayed muted until it finally broke below the opening price.

That’s when I flipped the script short.

As we were still in a tight range I was expecting an explosive move in either direction…

So when we reclaimed VWAP I flipped the script again and got long… but very quickly it seemed this was just a quick move to stop out some shorts.

The key to profit today was my ability to flip bias because with this down-move I realized the extension was going to come to the downside.

Your humble boy didn’t fight the action and got short for the move, ending up with $300 in profit from the morning action!

Watch the DPS for why it’s so important to be in tune with the market even if it means you have to eat “humble pie.

Check out today’s stream above for the golden lesson on remaining flexible in your trading and have a great rest of your day!

Happy trading,

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