How To Start Making Money Without Changing Your Trading System (Again)

I cannot tell you how many times I have talked to traders who are losing money with a proven system. Understanding your system is a pillar of trading success but it’s not all you need. 


If trading was as easy as buying when this line crossed this line and selling when the opposite happens, there would be many more millionaire traders and the countless numbers of struggling traders would cease. 

This, however, is not a reality. Making it in the world of trading requires you to be an expert at your method and to know everything about your trading business. 

This is what I call the FULL-STACK. 


1. The most popular trading system for sale (you are probably using this) 

2. Why buy a system has screwed you. 

3. The reason a proven system can fail to make you any money. 

4. The missing element in the way you approach trading. 

5. How to become profitable without change your system (for the 10th time) 

I hope you got the key take-a-ways from this video and will stop blindly following a set of rules. 

Here’s the link to the training I referenced in the video.

Watch your risk and be well. 

– Korbs​

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