How to Make Your Trading “Fruitful”

Merry Monday! 🙂

Are you ready to tackle your trading goals afresh?

It’s nice to start a new month with a clean slate.

And since it’s May Day today, you might have the day off to make some plans for your trading business!

Specifically, how to know and stay in your trading lane…

The past couple of days we’ve had a directional bias, pushing higher straight from the open.

Big market participants have been bullying the market, by putting on large-size positions and moving the market higher.

As itchy as my trigger finger has been to join the shorts, I have to wait for an actual setup to go along with my trade idea.

Today’s DPS: Doing Patience While Waiting For a Killer Setup

The thing is, …

New traders think they’ve cracked the code when they go through a fruitful time and make some good profit…

Even though they’re forcing their method onto the market, they don’t realize even when something changes that isn’t good for their system.

Your trading system most likely doesn’t work in all trading environments…

And so newbie traders trying to force a round peg into a square hole?

They inevitably get wrecked and quit trading.

The irony is that if they had simply chilled for a week and stayed in their lane, the fruitful times would have returned.

As a trader of balance, I’ve been “doing patience” these last few sessions, and that’s absolutely OK.

Essential even.

I know my method and by keeping my capital secure I’ll have more seeds to sow when the fruitful times come around.

This is the underpinning of a professional trader.

For full professional trader development inside the Profile Method, learning how to use institutional-grade tools like volume profile, heat-map, and auction market theory…

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Happy trading,

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