How to Make $7500 Profit Over Three Trading Sessions

Hey man.

You know the saying in the business world, “another day another dollar?”

In the Tradacc student community, we love that saying.

We’re treating our trading days like business days.

Our students come into the market with a goal in mind to stay consistent.

If they hit their profit goal for the session, they come off the screens and lock in those gains…

Take Max, for example; last week, he made almost $800 on three Apex Funded accounts for a total of $2300 net profit.

He followed this up with almost $900 profit per account the next day.

And for his hat trick, Max made roughly $425 per account on the third day…

This time with 6 funded accounts…

For a total of $2550 net profit!

That’s $7500 in a few days, easy as pie.

These screenshots come from inside my Profile Method Community on Telegram.

Now… if you’re struggling with your consistency… then the Profile Method is for you.

You’ll join a bunch of high-level traders on the same path in our community…

As well as receiving top-tier coaching live on Zoom with yours truly. 😉

You can ask me all your burning trading-related questions.

And get this area of your life sorted.

Welcome to the ultimate trading accelerator!

Enquire here.

Your boy,

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