How to Get More Successful Trades

Happy Tuesday, !

The great thing about having a trading system is that if you don’t get any setups you keep out of the market and don’t fight the action.

In today’s brutal session, the price kept going lower and lower and lower.

I had some partial feeling about getting short but by the time I figured out “for sure,” it was too late.

Many traders were fighting the action and losing their shirts.

As for me, I waited until things lined up.

I took only one trade…

A quick long when I saw the price pulling back into VWAP.

And made a few hundred dollars profit for the day.

You might think that this “isn’t a lot of action,” but by not acting on partial feelings I remove all low-quality trade decisions.

Only pulling the trigger when you are very sure will dramatically improve your PnL.

In Today’s DPS I Explain Why You Should Be Using Multiple Contracts and Never Acting On Partial Feelings

Happy trading,

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