How Martynas Bagged $300 With a Few Micros

Hey there buddy!

It’s that time of the week again – Trade Review Tuesday.

Today I’ve got a beautiful example for you from my new student Martynas.

Last week, he made $300 with a single trade idea and a handful of micro ES contracts!

The best part about this trade is how he scaled in and scaled out…

See below (middle of the picture) how Martynas scaled in:

• Entered 3 contracts
• Scaled 1 in profit
• Added 2 contracts
• Scaled 1 in profit
• Added 2 contracts on a good pullback
• Let the price rise 24 points while scaling out his 5 contracts in profit

(Note: You can click on the pics to zoom in)

That’s just such a beautiful thing to see.

He also framed this long idea as price rejecting to go lower on his higher timeframe…


If you’re like Martynas, you appreciate how nice it is to load up your brokerage account…

Use your trading skill…

And top up your bank balance with a few short hours of trading.

The problem is…

There is a huge lack of skill out their amongst average retail traders.

That’s where your boy comes in to the rescue.

I provide mentorship to serious Tradacc clients.

That includes trading with me live in my Trading Live Experience, Weekly Live QnAs and my magnum opus Profile Method video course.

All that plus lifetime access to my student community of traders just like you, going through the same journey.

It’s the best place to be for any trader who is dedicated to this path… but needs the final push and tuition to get them consistent in their results.

If that sounds like you, and you’re ready for some accountability, schedule a little zoom call with one of my team members.

They will sort you out, pronto.

Have a good week.

And Happy Trading,

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