Hello Russell 2000!

Hey, everybody! 🙂

It’s great to hit the markets after a two-day break…

But today isn’t a “back to routine” day for me…

Because I’m switching over to the Russell 2000 Index.

The RTY contract seems to have more volatility than the ES right now.

For this reason, I am temporarily saying goodbye to the old S&P 500 until it shapes up. 😉

Goodbye old friend…

Trading different products this morning for the first time in a while was a success…

I closed out +$100 on CL and +$460 on RTY with a textbook value area trade.

Check out the full explanation in the daily profile show below…

Today’s DPS: Bye-Bye S&P – Hello Russell 2000!

The great thing about the profile method is it works on any futures market.

You could use it even trading wild hogs!

But my recommendation for the solid go-toes are the S&P, Russell, Dow, Crude Oil and Gold.

If you want to join us in trading these best products in the best possible way…

And solve your trading inconsistencies…

Jump on the line with my team (it’s free).

Until tomorrow…

Happy trading,

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