Having the Patience of a Saint

Happy Thursday,

Did you miss me yesterday? 😉

Did you wonder where your boy Korbs had gone?

Well… I was in a restaurant.

Not because I was hungry… but because the power went out again in my cold Colombian cabin.

The plus side was that the restaurant was warmer than my Airbnb (it’s made of wood and I can see through the walls in some places… let’s call it rustic)…

But… the downside was that I was in an unusual environment without even a mouse.

And it was FOMC day!

I didn’t want to miss the extreme volatility.

Despite the setbacks, your boy still managed to extract $1500 from the market yesterday which I mentioned in my clients’ Trade Review Room later in the day once power was restored!

Now… on to today… we opened up and just ground up all the way back to the FOMC announcement area of 4035!!

One of my primary goals in trading now is only entering when I have a pristine setup… so I’m happy to report that I took zero trades today.

I explain why in today’s Daily Profile Show.

It was hard to find a high-quality trade idea, so there was no point in fighting the action or getting greedy and joining the longs.

Now, if we get to the edge of the range we are in then I’ll look to trade it back inside otherwise, I’m done for the day.

Happy trading,

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