Growing Your Trading Capital With Multiple Funded Accounts!

Hello Compadre.

Got a follow-up for you from my Trading Room.

As mentioned before, Kelvin got funded 150k with ETF.

Now… one funded account is great…

But one of the things I teach is how to scale multiple funded accounts at the same time!

Kelvin just had a $570.96 winning trade with ETF, which is money in his pocket…

While almost passing two more Apex Funding Challenges at the same time!


Trading just doesn’t get any better than this! 😋

So… how do you join the party?

It’s pretty simple, really… I have gatekeepers.

To avoid sourpusses and debbie-downers in my group – you have to pass through one of my trading consultants.

Once through you’ll be in my mentorship program.

And get 10 years of trading experience downloaded into your noggin.

Then, it’s fiesta time with yours truly, baby!

Together we can make trades, analyse the market, and post our wins.

Schedule your call here.

Happy Trading,

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