Funded 150K – Roman’s Recent Results

Hey man.

Last week we had another cracking week inside my Trading Community.

Roman just passed his 150k Apex Challenge and got funded.

(Click on the higher-quality picture below to zoom in on Roman’s executions.)

So… what are we looking at?

He was originally trying to go in with a few ES contracts and take a few points with large size.

Using what I teach, he managed his risk and scaled out of the position as things didn’t seem to be working out…

But then Roman’s LVN level was respected and the price shot up over 20 points.

With his final contract he rode the price all the way up with the market strength and locked in $900 profit.

That pushed his balance over the edge and secured his funding.

The following day, Roman traded his new, 150k funded account.

He netted himself $650 profit that he can withdraw at a later date.


Maybe you haven’t blown up 80+ apex evaluation accounts like Roman did before he came to me.

But if you’re not funded yet, and you want my help…

You know where to find me.

Happy Trading,

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