From $2,000 To $12,000 In 20 Days (Brokerage Statements Included)

“In order to trade you need to start with a large size account” is a big myth in the trading world.

In this video, I’ll share with you 4 important tips if you want to trade with a small account (less than $2,000) and want to make it grow over 5 figures in a short period of time.


1. Trading only high-quality products even with a small account (less than $2000) and I’ll give examples of what I personally trade

2. Never risk a fixed percentage (like 2%) when the goal is to grow a small account and what to do instead

3. You need to have a solid system and know how to identify a high-quality setup

4. Understand that technical analysis is not enough, you need to actually acquire the real skill of trading

You can find the brokerage statements referenced in the video here.

Watch your risk and be well.


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