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We focus on the Futures Market. Alternatives such as Forex, Crypto, Stocks and Options are technically valid to be traded with Volume Profile but that’s not what is recommended in the Profile Method™ program. The Futures Market is the ideal place to trade since it has several benefits that other markets don’t provide. Recommended videos about this topic: 
Within the Futures Market there are several products that can be traded such as the ES (S&P 500), the Russell 2000, Nasdaq, Gold and Crude Oil. The goal of the Profile Method™ program is to get you specialized in one product (recommended the ES – S&P 500): once you become consistent with it, you’ll be taught how to intelligently integrate additional products. Recommended videos about this topic: Futures Trading: My Top 3 Products to Trade using Volume Profile How You Can Day Trade For A Living With E-Mini S&P 500 Futures
We use AMP Futures, which has cheap commissions and is one of the most reliable Futures Broker. Other alternatives will still work fine with our method.
In the Profile Method™ program, these are the recommended steps in terms of funding:
    • Complete the course first (3 weeks)
    • Open and practice on a Demo account for at least 4 weeks (no funding required)
    • Switch to a live account, suggesting starting capital $2,000 USD. With less is possible but it would require a higher risk.
If you prefer trading without risking your own capital, we recommend applying to get a fully funded account by a Prop Firm. Check here the top futures Prop Firms we support.
The Profile Method™ program is focused on intraday trading: holding positions for minutes or hours. Swing trading (holding positions overnight) is an alternative that can work but it’s not specifically covered in the program. Recommended video about this topic: Best Time Frames for Trading with the Volume Profile
Two hours per day, on average, is what you’ll need to operate with the  Profile Method™:
  • In the Profile Method™ program we teach how to aim for 65/70% of winning trades. 
  • The amount of money that you can make on a weekly basis will also depend on your starting capital. 
  • To give an example: we recommend starting trading live with a $2000 account and focusing on micro contracts. A micro contract’s value is $500 and by trading 3 micros, the expected returns are between $50/$200 per day. 
  • The goal is to get consistency and then scaling out the account following the same strategy and to build a 6 figure trading business reaching $500/$1000 per day (Korbs’ capital in order to achieve that is $25,000 USD).
  • With the understanding that there always will be winning and losing days, we’ll teach you how to aim for a 5-10% weekly return on your account. 
  • Our best students and most profitable are the ones that complete the program and that participate actively in the live streams and in the support sessions provided so we’re confident to say that if you do the same, the chances of success are over 90%. 
  • What we provide are a series of tools and ongoing mentorship to put you in the position to excel as fast as possible; of course, a real commitment and effort on your side are essential to make it work.
  • It’s like going to a good university: the chances to have a great career later are real but they’re never a guarantee unless you put the work on.

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