Exclusive Interview With Real MARKET WIZARD Managing 100s of Millions


Did you ever read Market Wizards by Jack Schwager?

Written in 1989, it’s a golden oldie containing eye-opening interviews with successful traders.

They all had different trading strategies…

…But Jack noted that there was a major overlap in their viewpoints.

Aspiring traders all over the world loved it and wanted more…

So a few months ago Jack released another book – Unknown Market Wizards.

Inside you will find “The best traders you’ve never heard of.”

And one of them is Jason Shapiro…

Click here for the Exclusive Speculators Podcast With Jason Shapiro!

Jason has managed many 100s of millions of dollars in private equity…

And so I had to interview him on my Podcast (share the love, Jack ;).

In our discussion, we talk about what it takes to be a contrarian position trader.

Mr. Shapiro trades 37 futures markets, holding positions for 3 months – 1 year.

He gets into his position, defines his stop, and tries again if the stop hits but the idea is good… Paul Tudor Jones style.

With 30 years in hedge funds, prop firms and brokerage houses, Jason has a wealth of experience.

Dive into our discussion to find out:

  • Why he hates day trading
  • The best jobs for people who come into trading desiring to get rich fast
  • Why he prefers a mechanical over a subjective strategy
  • Reviewing His Journalled Market Opinions
  • Why Trading should be a passion and “retirement” is bad for your mind
  • The risk of going full time too soon
  • What needs to be defined in any good strategy
  • Why most of us need to go through the pain of losing money to humble ourselves in the markets
  • The importance of back testing
  • Why to never use a trailing stop
  • Performance logging to see your edge
  • Why A.I. is a silly idea for hedge funds
  • The reason he started his coaching and his belief in “paying it forward”

Now Jason is running the Crowded Market Report and his philosophy follows from Jesse Livermore – “money is made in the sitting.”

It was a fun interview…

While he did have some harsh warnings for day traders, we were ultimately of the same opinion.

In trading you have to find the style that matches your personality.

This way your emotions are under control and you can execute your system consistently.

Happy Trading,


P.S. Now if you dooo like the sound of becoming a professional day trader… as Jason says – it will be hard.

90% of wannabe day traders quit within 3 months.

Probably because they lose a lot of money and have no clue what they are doing.

Kind of like sticking a fork into a socket and calling yourself an engineer.

If you want to do things the smart way and have me be your mentor?…

…Schedule your call to talk with my team.

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