Escaping the Boom and Bust Cycle in Your Trading


How’s your trading been going?

Been bagging some good trade results?

Well… that’s what happens daily in my trading room.

Nick used the Volume Profile to bag himself a quick 7 points x $25 = $175.

And Glenn has been averaging 700-900 dollars a day on his funded account.


You’re probably trying to solve this trading problem all by yourself.


Even if you’ve learned from some free online resources…

(And especially if you’ve made your own strategy)…

You have no one holding you accountable to your trading plan.

And this results in the boom and bust cycle of every new trader.

There is a way to break that cycle.

Joining a mastermind of like-minded traders who are all trading using the same method.

Inside my Profile Method, you get a brain dump of my 10 years of experience trading the profile…

As well as full access to ask me all your burning questions and hold you accountable.

Do you think that could be the missing piece of the puzzle?

Well, if you’re interested to learn more: Have a Talk With Team Tradacc.

If you’re like most of my students, my community will be the last investment you ever need to make in your trading.

Happy Trading,


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