Defining Your Edge

Hey man.

Did you know that most new traders jump into the markets half-cocked?

They think it’s all fun and games: press some buttons and collect profits!

How hard could it be, right?

And then they blow up half or even all of their starting capital and sober up pretty fast.

Can you imagine that situation, ?

At Tradacc we advise all our newer traders to trade on demo for a month or two while they are learning the ropes…

And only after they are confident in their edge do we suggest they move over to funding companies/live capital.

Frederick is doing his first challenge, which has $1250 drawdown available…

And he’s been profiting 50-100% of that every day in his first 4 days of his evaluation.

That’s what happens when you’re confident in your system.

Frederick is part of my trading community.

Day in and day out traders like you are leaving trade reviews for your edification.

All these traders can join me live on Zoom four times per week:

That’s three live trading sessions and one weekly AMA session!

They also have access to my premium video courses the Funding Accelerator and Profile Method.

These expose everything I’ve learnt about trading over the last ten years…

And explain step by step how to become profitable…

From zero to hero.

Is that something you are interested in?

To join my community – discuss your options with my trusted allies on a quick Zoom call.

I’ll see you inside.

Happy Trading,

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