Deep Dive with Travelling Trader

Whatsup , wishing you a happy Saturday.

Today I’ve got a treat of an interview for you with a big name in the industry:

Speculator’s Podcast With The Travelling Trader.

What started more as a hobby has led to his channel blowing up in 2020, now with 253k subs (I’m jealous).

He is very passionate about trading, so it was a pleasure to talk with him.

As a traveling trader myself, I can relate to all of his positions.

He had a hilarious point about feeling guilty when traveling – feeling locked at home when trading and feeling guilty when exploring for not getting in some good trades haha.

He reveals how he solved this guilt similarly to how I did in Dubai.

In our Podcast together, we talk about his personal evolution…

  • How he majored in finance, working at a brokerage firm after graduation – just in time to see the dot com crash in 2000 and how it primed him for later.
  • Learned to code to get better pay and build up his savings in time for the biggest market crash since the Great Depression in 2008.
  • Investing heavily for the long term during the recession.
  • Starting short-term option swing trades in 2010 with a small group of peers.
  • Transitioning to YouTube and crypto in 2017 and the funny reason why he picked crypto for his channel in the early days of Youtube Trading Channels.
  • How recent developments in fed monetary policy led him to rarely hold positions overnight anymore in this new inflation environment.

We agreed that the crazy algo stop hunting highlights the importance of adaptability to new market environments…

And how TT thinks like an institution, waiting for stops to get taken for his entries.

TT also gives his reason why prices might revisit the pre-covid highs, before reaching new lows!!

It’s not one to miss.

Your coach,

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