Client Simplifies His Trading With the Profile Method

Hey man.

How’s your trading going?

Hopefully, you’re tracking all your stats, noticing your errors, and making huge improvements.

Ultimately, that’s the path to success in trading.

But a lot of lone gunslingers can’t crack it…

My clients at Tradacc get a huge boost in accountability inside my Trade Reviews room.

Clients offer each other feedback and advice on how to take their trades to the next level…

In addition to my personal advice on live Q&A sessions!

Exhibit A: KB’s trades from last week.

KB is a new member (who has been inside for 3 months).

Let’s see his trades…

On Wednesday, he bagged a $624 short in the am session before FOMC…

A $925 long on Thursday…

And $1024 on Friday for his best-ever day’s (and week’s) performance!

Now… pretty good stuff huh?

But it’s not magic.

Over the months, he’s followed all the pointers he’s been given…

And simplified his trading to one trade per day…

While refining his edge.

So what’s the takeaway?

It’s this:

Trading is a skill that requires discipline and discernment.

Do you think you’re more likely to become a military general by playing with tanks in your bedroom…

Or you know… actually joining an army?

That’s the difference between a solo trader and a Tradacc client.

So what are you waiting for, soldier?!

Click HERE to enlist.

Happy Trading,

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