“But don’t you feel guilty?”

The other day, someone responded to one of my emails with this:

“I see that you make a lot of money from trading, but don’t you feel guilty? In the end, you earn more than a doctor or a lawyer. And you don’t even have a degree!”

Yes, it’s true that I don’t have a degree, and I never even went to high school.

Yet, I make $15k-$20k per month because I studied the financial markets extensively and created a unique trading method.

And no, I DON’T feel guilty because society is designed to make you a slave.

Many of my closest friends followed the typical advice of “study, get a degree, and find a good job.”

Which actually means: “get buried in debt to pay for university, study, and maybe you’ll find a 40-50 hour per week job.”

A job that often feels like a cage.

A job that sucks the life out of you and takes away the most precious thing: your time.

A job that often pays you much less than you deserve.

I said, “No thanks!”

I want to live free, I want to manage my own time, and I want to have enough money to live well without worrying about rent, bills, and all the various expenses.

And if you feel the same way, then I recommend taking a look here >>


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