Brian Shannon Speculators Podcast – Your Boy Meets His First Mentor


Are you feeling the Christmas spirit?

Got your mince pies at the ready and the stockings loaded?

Good… because it’s story time…

Back in the day, your boy Korbs was tucked up in bed.

I was reading my first introduction to Technical Analysis.

Actually, this is the only technical analysis book that I’ve read.

Written by none other than Brian Shannon, a man with 30 years of trading experience!

Today my trading journey comes full circle as I sit down with him for a chat about his trading!

Tune into the Brian Shannon Speculators Podcast here

The great thing about Brian?

His his emphasis on risk management

Brain’s a swing trader (usually)… and he style is mainly going long for the 2nd leg of a stock pump.

You ready for a crazy statistic?

He looks at 800-900 stock charts every single weekend!

Isn’t that dedication?

In our talk, we go over:

  • Average trade hold time as a stock trader
  • Best hour to place trades
  • Worst hour to trade
  • The one activity to NEVER do before the market opens
  • Why the market is a treasure hunt
  • His favourite indicator and timeframe
  • Author of two self-published books (both very pretty indeed)
  • Mean reversion vs trend traders
  • All about anchored VWAP and big news events
  • The real way that billion-dollar hedge funds trade
  • Diving deep into the book writing process
  • The journey to mastery in any endevor

It was a great talk with Brian, he’s a very wise man.

Like he says, “The market is simple but it’s not easy…”

and “Only price pays…”

Til next time,

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