BRAND NEW INTERVIEW With Mr Austin Silver (Big)

Hey everybody,

Today I’ve got a fresh Speculator’s Podcast for you, with none other than Austin Silver of ASFX fame.

As a family man and pro trader/coach based in sunny Tampa, Florida, it’s safe to say Austin is in an enviable position.

But it wasn’t always this way…

A mere decade ago he was struggling as an 18-year-old life insurance salesman who no one wanted to buy from due to his age! 😂

But Austin believes in creating his own reality…

So he decided to transition into the world of the forex markets and never looked back.

His current “day in the life” includes a lot of time freedom to make memories with his family… and regular evening golfing sessions!

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Well, he says he’s only just getting started!

Dive into the Austin Silver/Aaron Korbs Speculators Podcast

Our refreshing conversation ran the whole gamut from bio-hacking to trading, and here are some of the highlights:

  • His entry strategy
  • His morning routine
  • The three products he trades
  • How many trades Austin takes per day
  • Which time-frames he uses when trading
  • How mindfulness improves trading results
  • Sleep bio-hacking – hunger, temperature effects
  • Tax advantages of only using prop firm capital
  • Why newbies should start with funded accounts
  • Which kind of people trade Forex profitably
  • Why trading a small account instead of a demo could cause you to over trade
  • Why Day Traders should stick to one product (vs swing traders)
  • Why new traders should consider many streams of income
  • How much capital Austin recommends to get funded before going full-time
  • How chilling out and trading part-time when learning can save you money
  • The importance of big-picture thinking

I’d like to have Austin on again sometime…

He made a very compelling point…

Long-term vision is what ultimately sets apart the people who will make it as a trader vs those who won’t.

Also – experiences are worth more than any amount of money…

Fall in love with the process of trading.

Then you can enjoy life more by taking only a couple of trades a day…

No worrying about money left on the table because you’re spending time doing the things you want in life.

I’ll leave you with Austin’s motto…

“Do Less, Do It Better, Get Bigger”

Til next time…

Happy Trading,

P.S. I take a few clients on as students every month for direct mentorship with me… serious applicants only…

If that sounds like you, talk to us when you’re ready

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