“Auction market theory, point of control, volume profile ….”

The other day, I read this interesting comment under one of my Facebook videos.

Take a look here:

You see, my approach to trading is COMPLETELY different from the usual things you see around:

— I DON’T use lagging indicators (like moving averages, RSI, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands) because they can’t provide real-time market-generated information and can be very misleading.

— I DON’T use trading signals because they are garbage.

— I DON’T claim that you can get rich in 5 minutes a day because I don’t want to deceive anyone.

What I do is dedicate 2-4 hours a day to trading and follow a precise method that uses serious and professional tools and strategies.


Right method + right tools = trading profits

That’s why I can consistently make profits of $15k-$20k per month while others are losing money.

And that’s why my clients are making good money while the majority of traders are blowing their accounts.

Now, if you’re ready to build a Freedom Lifestyle Trading Business that generates $100k a year, then I can help you.

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