An Interview With the Market Profile Maestro – Podcast 2 With Paul Asmar

Hey everybody!

Today I’ve got an encore interview with Paul Asmar of Camelback Trading.

We’re both teachers keen on helping students learn about the wonderous world of Futures Trading.

Paul’s been day trading for 15 years and is an ex-NYSE “Specialist.”

He came up learning the market profile and that’s his go-to method to this day.

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Points of our talk include:

  • Market Profile Evolution to Volume Profile
  • Finding what works for you
  • Which volume nodes to focus on for day trading
  • VWAP for entries or exits?
  • The unique situation of a daytrader and the daily puzzle of the market
  • How to increase your confidence in your entries
  • What is front-running and why you should do it?
  • Best areas to front-run for profit taking and counter-trend entries
  • Best levels to ultimately target in your trades
  • Probabilities of overnight gap fills
  • The importance of understanding the current market context and what to do when it changes
  • Why equities and futures are superior to cfds and crypto
  • Paul’s favorite products
  • The special situation when he trades both simultaneously
  • How Paul scales into his trades (max contracts)
  • Trade Idea Validity vs Trade Entry
  • Keep your confidence high with this risk managenent style
  • The “dollar bill mental hack” to keep your daily profits banked
  • Funding company overview
  • Pros and cons of “post-open” news events and why they make Paul angry
  • Bringing young people and more women into the trading space

Overall, a value-packed podcast and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Check it out, and take on the golden nuggets.

Happy Trading,

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