An Astounding Interview With Mr Merritt Black

Hey everybody!

Man, I haven’t enjoyed an interview this much in a long time.

Today’s Speculators Podcast is a deep dive into Merritt Black’s trading.

Listening to Mr. Black will be very thought-provoking if you’re an aspiring trader.

After all, he heads up Apteros, his own trading desk, so he knows a thing or two about trading… he even stirred up the imagination of your boy here!

There are many golden nuggets in this podcast of actionable info for you to implement in your trading asap.

Some highlights include but are not limited to:

  • Why the pursuit of happiness is only for those who can enjoy the pain of striving for their goal
  • The power of New York energy in his early development
  • Establishing the true value of price through multiple time frame analysis
  • The real reason why people fail to trade successfully in the afternoon
  • What’s his real edge
  • Why he no longer trades crude oil
  • How he trades 14 markets
  • His morning routine
  • How long he trades per day
  • What it’s like managing a group of traders
  • Favorite sports
  • What he looks for in price action to get into the rhythm of the market
  • How he adds to a position
  • Secret to trading consistency
  • What leads to over-trading
  • How to scale effectively
  • The two different types of traders
  • How to mentally reset so the next trade matters more than a previous loss
  • Emotional/mental performance and staying chill under pressure
  • What your job actually is as a trader
  • Redefining Success and Failure
  • Rising above emotionality by rewiring your brain
  • Why there are many good tools but he loves the volume profile
  • How to shorten the time span it takes to reach consistency
  • The mechanism in meditation that leads to awareness in trading
  • Why trading forces you to be a better person
  • Why prep work is essential
  • Become your own “BS Detector” with great journalling so you can’t lie to yourself after a session
  • The importance of having a process-based goal for the day to overcome a recent trading error

The thing I enjoyed the most talking to Merritt is that he’s a trader’s trader.

We probably could have talked for five more hours but in the interest of having him on again another time, I decided it best to let him go after he was so gracious with his time.

Enjoy the video and talk soon.


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