Age does NOT matter! Here is proof…

At the age of 6, he loses his father, and by the age of 10, he’s already forced to work on a farm.

At 15, he becomes a tram driver, and shortly after, he’s sent with the army to Cuba.

Upon his return, he tries various jobs (insurance agent, tire salesman, assistant on steamboats, gas station attendant), but the situation is tough due to America facing the Great Depression of the ’20s.

Finally, he finds some peace managing a gas station.

Everything seems to be going well because he turns that station into a dining spot where he cooks special dishes that attract many customers.

However, fate takes another turn when a new road is built, diverting all traffic away from his station.

So, at the age of 60, this person has to close his business and finds himself alone and without money, to the point of sleeping in his car.

Constantly thinking about how to reinvent his life, he suddenly has a great idea: selling his personal fried chicken recipe through a franchising business.

Essentially, for every piece of chicken sold, the restaurateur had to pay him two nickels.

The idea is great, but people don’t seem to get it, and he receives an endless series of ‘NOs.’

Precisely 1009 NOs.

But our hero doesn’t give up, and in the end, he finds a restaurateur who says yes.

And the rest is history:

in a few years, with the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) brand, they open 600 fast-food outlets, his fried chicken becomes a symbol of American cuisine, and he sells his empire for a staggering amount.

After a life of hardships and struggles, he finally achieves tremendous success.

He is Colonel Sanders, and his story proves that:

Age does NOT matter and often the heaviest difficulties hide the door to a splendid future.

I hope this message can give you the right inspiration.

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