A Weird Monday

Hey ,

What strange action we had yesterday…

We were bound in Friday’s range so things were pretty balanced…

But it was no plain sailin’.

We had some big spikes where we went coast to coast.

I always recommend you have an economic calendar up…

At 11:30 AM Fed speaker Brainard made the price rip up,

And around 15:00 PM we dropped around 20 points on ES in a few minutes!

I played the price back to the Point of Control on my Profile as a quick mean reversion trade to grab a nice $350 profit on the day.

See here for the trade!

Really, though, my satisfaction with the session was simply being happy knowing my edge…

It’s not “sexy,” sitting on your hands, but it is key.

Remaining disciplined to not fire off random trades haphazardly as so many noobie traders do.

It’s really a shame how much money noobie traders lose in this game.

Most of them show up, lose their whole bankroll and declare trading a “no-go” for them.

If only they had stayed on a demo account and learned a verified system from a proven professional…

Then weaponized other people’s capital instead of risking their own…

Get ready for Funding Accelerator this Black Friday to accelerate your trading path…

Where I will show you exactly how to do this.

Your friend,

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