A Beautiful Setup For Your Boy


The S&P is clearly in a bullish phase.

Only 3 weeks ago the price was 4160

And today we’re at 4416.

A 6% rise in less than a month.

Sounds like inflation 😉

Given this environment, and coming off a strong news pump at 8:30 this morning, I didn’t want to get long.

But I had to bide my time looking for the perfect moment to strike and catch a nice short.

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When we failed under the overnight high I went short with a small position size – a couple of contracts.

Was looking for some selling pressure to take us down – away from VWAP.

I knew this was a good trade with a real edge,

So whether the result was profitable or not isn’t the point since trading is about the process itself.

And the money comes as a result.

Ending out the session +13 points or +$650.

Happy Trading,

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