A 14-Point Trade for My Boy Micco on the ES


Another trade review for you today.

I love working with students who take my teachings and run with them.

I especially like working with Micco because he uses Sierra Chart like me 😉

Here’s his most recent trade…

Note: Click on the pictures to make them bigger 😉

Pretty, huh?

With some further optimisations this could have been a $700 trade for Micco.

Every point on the ES is worth $50.

$50 x 14 points = $700

Quite a nice bit of pocket change in today’s economic environment.

So …

I’m just curious…

Are you consistently executing nice trade after nice trade?

Or is there something holding you back?

If that’s the case…. (and it’s the case with 95% of traders…)

Give a member of my team a call.

What you two can do is discuss your pain point and devise a strategy plan to help you solve it!

OK… that’s it for the trade reviews this week.

Until next time, amigo.

Happy Trading,

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