90% of Traders DON’T Do This.. And That’s Why They Fail


Spring has Sprung!

I guess that means it’s time for spring cleaning…

But before you do that –

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning of my own.

Today I’ve got a brand new video for you on my Youtube Channel.

It’s about how we as mental athletes should warm up to ensure victory in the markets…

Remember: “Excellence is a habit.”

We need a consistent process to achieve consistent results.

What’s covered:

  • Going over your trading plan for the day.
  • Setting an intention – That next tweak to take you to the next level.
  • Why you absolutely need to be aware of news events.
  • How chart replay can give you a fast overview of the recent action.
  • Why a great night’s sleep is a superpower.
  • My number 1 favorite “brain-training” app.

Dive in and talk soon,

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