Was That The Most Wackadoo Session Ever?


I hope you stayed safe this morning.

Because it was an absolutely wackadoo session!

At 10 AM Eastern we had a big reaction off “JOLTs” Job Openings news.

The “Jolt” sent the S&P500 crashing down a full 70 points.

Now, we have been shooting up for the past few days so a correction was likely.

We also have worries about needing to raise the US debt ceiling asap…

But while it’s fun to guess which news events caused a reaction, all we need to look at is the price.

The price tells us everything,

And it told me to sit out until a new Point of Control was developing that I could profit from once the violent action had died down.

As you will see on the Daily Profile Show, I got a good trade in before lunchtime, getting me back to $400 in profit today.

Like I said yesterday it’s super important to wait for clean bread and butter setups where you know you have a clear edge.

Today’s DPS: Profitting After a Huge Price Drop

Tomorrow we’ve got FOMC, on Thursday an ECB decision, and on Friday a Fed Interest Rate decision!

Which means a TON of volatility around these times, so be SUPER careful, yeah?

On the flip side…

So much opportunity in these markets!

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Happy trading,

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