1k Profits After Russian Missile Volatility

Mornin’ ,

Yet another insane day in the markets.

I can’t imagine what it must be like trading without a system during this activity.

I just hope if that’s the case for you, you’re using a paper account.

After grinding down all morning it was essential I had my 20-minute timer in play to just check in and make sure I wasn’t on tilt or trigger-happy.

I’m very confident in my system and didn’t force anything through that painful morning chop.

I could see big, 9-point rotations so no entries for me.

Every time you enter the market you’re either consciously accepting the risk or unconsciously thinking you will be right all the time (most traders).

I don’t want to be in trades that ever go more than a few points against me before I cut, so the action was too crazy for my liking.

And then at 1 PM EST news of Russian missiles hitting Poland dropped…

And so did the entire market.

Now I was starting to see something that I COULD take advantage of.

What did I do next? Full Trade in this video…

A double distribution was forming…

So when we went back up to a Low Volume Node on my Micro Comp?

I shorted the price of ES from 4008 back to the Point of Control at 4000.

This move then occurred again, ensuring plenty of opportunity for those with the eyes to see this setup.

I had a clearly defined risk and a clearly defined reward.

Just how I like it.


P.S.: If you’re interested in “cleaning up” your trading and not haphazardly aping into the market like most traders… you will love my Profile Method Development.

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