Meet Aaron Korbs

Professional Futures Trader & Volume Profile Expert

​Aaron Korbs is a former Proprietary Institutional Trader managing multiple six-figure trading accounts for almost a decade.

He made his way to the top 1% consistent intraday traders after a long journey of trials and errors that didn’t interfere with his greatest passion: the financial markets.

The turning point has been when he was introduced to the Volume Profile, the only charting tool in the world that is able to provide real-time market-generated information.

Once he started trading with it, everything started to click, understanding why technical indicators are not sustainable and why Volume Profile is such a superior approach when reading market data.

However, the problems did not end despite this great discovery: another challenging part was to figure out exactly what to do with this new type of information and take advantage of it.

Fortunately, the conviction that Volume Profiling was still the right approach, made him stick with this methodology, working out over time what were all the other important missing pieces for a profitable system.

He eventually became an expert in Auction Market Theory,  Order Flow, Futures trading, and, of course, Volume Profile.

Time proved him right, he never looked back since then and still to this day, he’s trading his own capital and generating comfortably 3 to 4 figures profits on a daily basis on average.

Since launching his Youtube Channel, many people reached out for help and it has been fairly clear how to help them effectively.

For this purpose, Korbs created Profile Method™: the roadmap to his very specific system that teaches independent traders, even with a small account size, how to trade cost-effectively in the most liquid and regulated market in the world, using the Volume Profile and being able to grow their trading business up to 6 figures per year.

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